About Me


Hi, I’m Gomez and this is Gomez Gabbles, where I shall mostly be talking about food, travel and anything else that takes my fancy.

I used to write a lot, mostly about food and restaurant reviews. I got bored with the local food scene, bored with the influx of those that thought they could call themselves a food blogger, write any old shit and get a free meal. So I stopped.

It’s been a few years now and the urge to write has crept up on me again.  Only this time I can’t be bothered to confine myself to any one genre.  So I’m going to write about whatever I fancy whenever I fancy.  You can read it if you like. If you don’t like, no worries, I’m too old to care and I’m doing this for me anyway.

If you do like, then I hope you enjoy.  I’m always open to feedback and criticism as long as it’s constructive.  If you just want to rant then find a mirror and have at yourself. It’s very therapeutic and it’ll save me pressing delete.